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Oh anchoring, a word we hear all too often under the background of: "Should think about anchoring you because you are not ..." Blah blah blah blah

But anchoring means, why you have to be anchoring, what it brings and especially we do how. Well, I’ll try to answer that notion from my own experience.

So Anchoring, in my opinion, is being in the present moment, when you have both feet perfectly on the ground and you are here and now completely connected to the reality of life. When pervasive thoughts are killing and unconscious fears do not govern our lives, it is coming back to us, to our physical bodies. It is connecting to the earth, to its energy. It is fully incarnating.

So why it is important to be anchored. Being well anchored allows you to return deeply to yourself. A deep connection that will allow to approach life with a more confident look and thus increase self-confidence. Instead of losing yourself in 10,000 possibilities, anchoring allows you to stabilize and see more clearly about your life and the path and decisions you have to make. Anchoring helps relieve stress and anxiety. Moreover, anchoring goes with a root chakra (red at the perineum) that is fine. And this is the seat of primary fears so if we are not well connected fears, imaginary scenarios and other can take over. Being anchored is therefore to be in the present moment, it is to be more serene and it is to be in letting go and acceptance. It means having a better connection to your body and therefore taking more care of it and behind it will necessarily act on self-esteem. And for all those who want to have a good connection with up there and a good opening of the coronal, it necessarily passes by a good connection first, with the earth on which you have chosen to come. The more you’re here, the more you can get up there.

So you will have understood that being anchored brings a multitude of benefits in everyday life and on all levels.

A little test to see if your anchorage is good. Stand your legs hip-width apart with your hands along your body. Close your eyes, clear your mind. Does your body move? Does it go from left to right, from right to left, or from front to back? Or remain perfectly still, stable, anchored. Yes, if you move it is because the root chakra and the earth chakra need to grow their root and open up larger. And so your anchor is to review.

Mais comment on s'ancre ??

But how do we anchor?

Here are some of my methods, there must be others.

1- Through meditation and returning to the present moment. To learn more about meditation, I invite you to read my article below:

2- Walking barefoot on the ground. Allow yourself to be in contact with the ground whether it is soil, grass, sand, mud etc, in any weather and any season let your petons live. And this also goes for your children from an early age.

3- Going for a walk in nature paying attention to nature ... Walk in nature, take a forest bath, a moment at the edge of the ocean ouiiii but by raising awareness without being leaning on his phone, or with headphones on the ears. By going alone or if you go with someone walking in silence and enjoy what nature has to offer.

4- By the awareness of growing roots under the soles of the feet to the core of the earth (there in session I can give you a very effective meditation). And you will certainly find, a meditation called "the tree" on YouTube.

5- By wearing stones that have been programmed for this purpose and that have good virtues such as tourmaline, red jasper or garnet for example. (Non-exhaustive list, there are others). I also like to use the fairy stone for that.

6- When doing sports, a physical activity (gardening for example) is to be completely present in your body. It can also be singing.

Well, you know everything! No more dispersions in all directions, fears that block, bad connections that pass anything, no more small bike in the head!! But be careful, anchoring is a regular job and must be monitored because it is much easier to "de-anchor" than the opposite!

Beautiful day, beautiful evening or good night!!

See you soon!

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