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The Diners Naturo that make you feel good!

What do you eat at night? Do you know what to eat? How much? If you do not know how to answer these questions then read this article and I will give you my Naturo tips so that your dinner brings you all these benefits!

After my articles on Naturo breakfasts and lunches that make you feel good today I’m tackling your dinner. Articles you find on this same blog!

Do you think we need a rich dinner before we go to bed?

So at the end of the pandemic when the nightclubs will reopen, dancing evenings, salsa will be possible etc, yes the dinner must give a little strength if we have planned to have a physical activity even if this one in the evening is against indicated compared to sleep which has more difficulty to come if we do sports after 20h. But we agree that a good evening is missing eh??? Go keep hope soon we can find a semblance of social life! And we’ll go back dancing!

But if it’s to watch TV, read a book and go to sleep a rich dinner is of no relevance except to weigh down, cause digestive problems and make sure to intoxicate the body so that they take us out throughout the year different pathologies through colds, dyspepsia, bad sleep, stress, inflammatory diseases etc etc

You have understood by these few words, it is not the dinner that should be the richest. It is rather a light meal that ideally will be served around 7pm for those who go to bed from 10pm. It takes three hours between dinner and going to bed.

Going to bed too early after a dinner and even more when it is very fatty, rich and sweet is almost certainly heartburn that eventually happens.

Taking the time to chew well, and eat also without stress (yes we avoid the information…) it is also tips that better absorb the good vitamins, minerals etc from your good meals and help your body digest better.

We will therefore avoid the announcement of bad news during a meal.

Who never heard when case of stress, bad news the stomach was knotted

So here are the basic rules

  • Dinner around 7pm

  • In calm without information or stressful source

  • And especially we chew well each bite it also allows the brain to regain its notion of satiety.

Now what are we eating?

First ! The Forbidden (like this is done)

Ps: of course the weekend in the evening with friends this is called exceptions to the rule, you have to know how to live too

  • Animal proteins of some origins whether yes ham and bacon are animal proteins, eggs too, all fish niet, nada. No need at night.

  • Dishes in sauces, fries, fats, pizzas, white pasta, white bread, sweets, yogurt of animal origin, raw fruit (except apples, pears and ripe bananas)

  • And if you followed the other items all products of the food industry, all the ready-made dishes stuffed with Emachin that brings absolutely nothing apart from the disease!

  • Alcohol, coffee and all the exciting!

Second! We put what in the plate (if there are many things left!!

At the time I write the article we are in February 2021, so it is the ideal season that is with winter temperatures for a soup made with seasonal vegetables. There are thousands of recipes for soup, velvety soup … The best of the best is to steam them gently

  1. So we start or we make our meal with a good soup, a good soup.

There are those who will have enough with soup and the others.

For you we continue:

2. After the soup you can make yourself a plate composed of half soaked legumes (see my article on the subject) so lentils, chickpeas, split peas, white, red, black beans etc… with other half of whole or semi-whole grains such as rice, quinoa, spelt, buckwheat, amaranth, millet, etc. More aromatic herbs, spices! and seasonal cooked vegetables. Let your imagination run wild!

Well after that normally your belly is full!

3.But there are the incorrigibles of sweet flavor so if you really can not do without it you take a vegetable yogurt, fruit compote without added sugar, a cooked fruit, vegetable milk with chia seeds and/ or whole almond puree.

Et voila tada !!

A perfect dinner!

Of course, depending on your profile you will need to add super foods to well mineralized the body, but also omega, or a dinner without salt, or without sugar, without gluten etc etc. Each being different this dinner of universal type is to adapt to each according to its basic ground and its pathology.

If you want to know more about what is good for you and only for you then come see me for a naturo session or I would give you the keys for a vitality at the top! All the information on my Naturopathy page.

Below I put you the link of the articles on breakfast and lunch naturo that I have already written enough to live a beautiful day. But there would still be much to say because sometimes a monodiet is more than welcome, the young, the young intermittent from time to time also is top for health according to your profile should think about it.

Bon appétit

Belle journée

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