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Dream machine


Let’s start with a short presentation video.

Now why do a session:


How does a session work:

Whether during a 30-minute session or an hour, we will start with an exchange to find together what suits you best at the time of the session.

There are over 70 programs. (See below for some examples).

Then you will have nothing more to do than sit back, close your eyes and enjoy. 

For solo sessions, if possible, bring a helmet. 

Then there will be a "landing" time made of writing or drawing to hot note your feelings and not forget them, then we will end up with an exchange again.

There you go! 

Contraindications: People prone to epileptic seizures, or with psychiatric disorders or under the influence of drugs or toxic substances, minors and pregnant women (no studies yet for the last two cases therefore by precautions...)


Excerpt below taken from the site creator of the machine. For more information, do not hesitate to visit the site.

Photostimulation: A Brain Illumination
The Dream Machine generates a sequence of light flashes, each carefully programmed according to the selected session.

Through your closed eyelids, these luminous stimulations are filtered, allowing a gentle but rhythmic activation of your retina. Each session includes phases where the rhythm of the flashes remains stable, allowing the introduction of the photic piloting phenomenon.

This clever process serves as a guide for your brain, leading it to a harmonious synchronization with the luminous rhythm, and thus, to altered states of consciousness.

Photostimulation is not only a window into the complex neuronal activity that takes place in our brain. It is also a tool with profound implications, which opens new perspectives in several areas of our daily well-being and mental health.


Strobe stimulation has shown remarkable effectiveness in improving various facets of our mental life. She has demonstrated her ability to stimulate creativity, notably by improving verbal fluency, her ability to quickly produce ideas and words (Huang & Charyton, 2008). See the Dream Machine as a tool that allows you to unleash your creative potential, find innovative solutions to your challenges or simply enrich your artistic activities and hobbies.


In addition, this technology has also proven its effectiveness in managing stress and pain, offering a non-invasive alternative to achieve a state of tranquility and comfort. In addition, it could play a preventive role in migraines, offering relief to those affected by this debilitating condition.


But the possibilities of strobe technology do not stop there. Promising studies suggest that its use could have beneficial effects on neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease. This technology could potentially mitigate the effects of this disease, offering new hope to patients and their families (He et al., 2021).


In addition, it could play a significant role in treating depression, a disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Research shows that stroboscopic stimulation may have antidepressant effects, offering a new avenue for the treatment of this complex and often debilitating condition (Kim et al., 2016).


In this ever-changing world of neurotechnology, strobe technology presents itself as a promising and versatile tool, bringing new opportunities to improve our well-being and mental health. This exciting research is just the beginning of a journey towards a better understanding of our brain and its incredible potential.

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