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Inspired, intuitive writing: or how to find your way back to yourself!

"When writing is a path to discover oneself"

Write to find yourself, write to bring out of the unconscious what needs to emerge in the conscious. Write to tell your story, find yourself, express yourself. Write to say sorry, write to ask for forgiveness. Write your anger, your doubts but also your dreams, your joys. Work on your imagination, your creativity.

Writing is accessible to everyone (well, almost unfortunately these days some people do not yet have access to the joy of learning to write and read so you are lucky if you have been allowed to have access to it!), there is no need to be an outstanding artist, writer or French teacher. We don't pay attention to grammar, spelling or syntax when we write for ourselves!

The main thing is to express yourself.

Materials required: A notebook and a pen or a few sheets of paper.

There will be easy writings done with fun, amusement, the discovery of wide open spaces and others those which go into the guts to bring up what needs to be done, to heal what must be done, close what must be done.

Writing is something that I have been doing since I was 6 years old, I wrote my first story at the age of 8 and for a very long time I put down the pen in favor of other practices (photography, drawing… ). But we always seem to come back to our first loves. So it's been several years since I started again and whether for myself, for a newspaper, or for my blog or on the project of a novel started in 2019, almost not a day goes by without the pen or the computer keyboard does not call me to express my words.

Why not you? Why not take even just 20 minutes a day to discover yourself through writing. Things to work on, stuck you don't know how to do.

At that time come and see me, an Art Therapy graduate I can follow you in an individual session or in a group session through writing to discover yourself, heal, grow, evolve, express your soul, find your way and soothe your emotions. p>

Put words on evils.

This is a powerful technique. You can tell yourself about yourself for 20 minutes a day or practice a whole bunch of exercises to bring out what is trying to surface.

Writing exercises are like revealing who you really are, it even gives meaning to life.

It gives you the opportunity to embrace all the emotions you carry within you. Indeed, by writing them down you extract them from yourself, you look at them from another point of view and thus an understanding is made. You can then really be who you are, understand them, sort them out. This allows us to distance ourselves from positive and most often negative events to look at the situation head on, not to run away from it but rather to heal it, to transmute it.

Writing means gaining confidence because you really learn to know who you are. It is listening to the voice of the soul. Become the hero of your life.

Don't forget that no matter what changes you want to see in your life, you first need an internal change for it to resonate on the outside.< /p>

For those who have difficulty meditating, practicing writing is a form of meditation. A word to the wise! It is also a means of anchoring because when we write we are not elsewhere, we are here and now.

But more than that, writing allows you to play with your inner child and to be able to invent and tell stories. This therefore allows you to reconnect with your source of creativity and not only that!

Writing can just be therapeutic with for example in exercise:

- Write down everything that comes to mind in the evening when going to bed (= better falling asleep and the little bike leaving us and better stepping back and letting go of things )

- Write 3 to 5 gratitudes per day (allows you to realize how lucky you are, work on positivity, optimism, etc.)

- Write 3 to 5 successes per day (helps work on self-esteem)

Writing can also be inspired and intuitive!

There, it's about contacting the part of yourself that knows, contacting your soul so that it delivers messages to your heart and intuition that there is a need to receive. You can ask yourself all the questions in the world, the answer is bound to be found within you.

To do this, before writing take the time to clear your mind, take the time to contact your soul and then ask your question and write down everything for 10 -15 - 20 minutes. what comes to you without judgment. You can read it again immediately or you can let it rest and come back to it later. Take the test, you might have surprises. For the questions to ask your soul, it can simply be:

- What is the message for me today? Or

- How can we successfully forgive this situation?

- What job suits me?

There are as many questions as there are possible topics. So listen to yourself and persevere. Yes, persevere because it is with practice that the messages will become clearer and above all more inspired!

I organize inspired writing workshops in groups throughout the year or there is always the possibility of an individual session.

Don't hesitate to contact me!

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