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Art Therapy, as its name suggests, is a therapy in its own right, it differs from others in that it uses an artistic practice (painting, drawing, sculpture, calligraphy, music, dance, etc.) for therapeutic purposes. .


Through artistic production, the "patient" allows himself adeep connection to selfand thus begins a healing process. Indeed, created through an artistic medium makes it possible to bring out what should be.

Through artistic creation, the "patient" allows his unconscious to surface, which allows him, among other things,to express one's true personality, to assert oneself, to dare, to gain self-confidence, to put colors on evils, to reconnect to one's evening, to modify one's perception of things, to feel alive, to relive, to discover new things about yourself, to give free rein to your emotions.

The works are not judged from an artistic point of view, it is not a course in drawing or painting etc, it is not of that. The art therapist must in no case interpret the works but help the "patient" to discover the meaning of his unconscious.


Recent scientific studies prove it, regularly attending art therapy sessions would significantly reduce stress by lowering cortisol levels and increasing the level of well-being hormones such as dopamine or serotonin. .


Art therapy does not cure but provides care that allows patients to relieve their suffering by expressing their emotions and affects through the creative process. This allows you to release certain emotional tensions, to free yourself from them by illustrating them to better know how to talk about them.

Most people in the face of any event, shock or trauma retain a visual memory. Art therapy helps to illustrate this memory, this event by producing the images.

Art therapy therefore allows patients to strengthen their self-esteem, their confidence, their autonomy, this technique helps them to better live their pathologies and complements other therapies, it is a complementary care.

Artistic creation makes it possible to express and understand beliefs and thoughts. Thus,   this can uncover the explanations behind our suffering, depression or anxiety.

In addition, being able to bring out the unconscious, it promotes the development of imagination and creativity. This is important since the process of creation is crucial to achieving transformation and positive change, whether it is personal development, wellness, awareness or problem solving.

No artistic talent is required.Drawing, painting and other art forms are accessible to everyone, regardless of age and ability. Everyone has the ability to create, everyone is creative regardless of the medium. Iart therapy is not an art class, it's real therapy.

An idea of exercise or a deepening on the subject I invite you to read these three articles:  

Art therapy is for all people suffering from:

  • Psychological and relational disorders (anxiety, depression, burn out and burn in, trauma, shock, bereavement, loss, autism, eating disorders, anxiety, attention deficit disorder and ADHD, hypersensitivity, loss of social ties etc…)

  • Addictions, dependencies, substance abuse

  • Neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc.)

  • Cancer

  • Cardiovascular or cerebrovascular accidents

  • School and moral harassment, etc.


But also for all people wanting  to increase their well-being:

  • Reconnect to yourself

  • grow spiritually

  • Develop your well-being, your potential, your abilities, your balance, your fulfillment, your autonomy

  • Find their life purpose

  • Manage their stress

  • Recreate social ties

  • Recover or increase self-esteem


But also to help children awaken, to develop their potential, to help them be a better being in the world, to become the person they should become.


Art therapy allows each person to express themselves through artistic mediation without the need to speak,without having to say the words.

There are two types of sessions:

  • Individual sessionswhich last about 1 hour and pass between the patient, the artistic creation and the art therapist.

  • Group or workshop sessionsfrom 5 to 7 people maximum which last between 1h30 and 2h and which take place in a group, a link is created at the level of the group, but also with artistic creation and the art therapist

The mediums that will be developed during individual or group sessions with me are as follows:

  • Paint,

  • Design,

  • Dry pastels, oil pastels, markers, colored pencils etc.

  • clay, modeling clay

  • Writing,(My Favorites 🤩)

  • Bonding,

  • And to a lesser extent a bit of singing, theater and movement

  • And of course a mix between several mediums is also possible.

So I'll say see you soon in a workshop or in an individual session. You can contact me by email, phone, my Facebook page or Instagram. All links are on this same site.


Individual session: 

Every 3 weeks or even 15 days: 45 €

Every week : €40

Art Therapy Workshop "Creative Well-Being", "Creative Writing" in small groups : 

(Writing, painting, drawing, pastel, markers, clay.....)

Next price Workshop and materials used. 

See the program of events on my facebook page: @melaniepagenaturo

or link below:

For institutions, associations etc. price on a case-by-case basis on request and contact me

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