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Naturo lunches that do you good!

After my article, a few months ago on the naturo breakfast that you will find in link at the end of this post, I come to you today to talk about your lunch. The lunch, the one dear to our way of living in France where we are one of the countries or the lunch break and the longest.

So it will be a question of what to eat, what to choose even when you do not eat at home, what kind of bowl or rather lunch I should say to be more trendy etc etc

First of all, my advice below does not take into account your profile, indeed someone who has a nervous ground, or acidified or subject to digestive disorders or other grounds or pathologies will necessarily have a lunch more adapted to his profile with small changes. Here I will describe the typical lunch of a person without real problem, universal. What we should be taught to eat from an early age.


  • Prohibitions always all the time: industrialized processed products with stuffy E inside, sweet drinks, sodas, warming dishes with microwave, sweets (chemical sweets...)

  • The prohibitions but who good the weekend 1 to 2 meals max with or without friends it goes: red meat, alcohols, cakes, cheeses, cold cuts, chocolate, white bread, white pasta.

And so we have:

  1. We start with a salad of raw vegetables, raw vegetables of seasons at the moment you have (January 2021), spinach, carrots, beets, celery rave, cabbage, cauliflower, endives, salad including lamb’s lettuce. So find your happiness even in the heart of winter nature is generous with us! This small plate, small bowl of raw vegetables will be accompanied by a vinaigrette. I will give you my recipe: Virgin oil of first cold pressing such as rapeseed, flax, hemp (reserve the olive oil for cooking) + cider vinegar + soy sauce + a little old-fashioned mustard. All in a shacker to mix well and then direct on your salad. You can add to this salad to give it even more life and crunch sunflower seeds, chia, seaweed flakes, wheat germ or brewer’s yeast for example. These last foods are what are called super foods, ie they are full of a wealth of benefits (vitamin, minerals, omega 3 …)

Then you can continue with an animal or vegetable protein. Animal: Small fish, eggs, poultry. Vegetable: Tofu, seitan, Tempeh for example. It would be best not to exceed 3 meats per week.

3.To accompany the proteins of seasonal vegetables cooked if possible with mild steam to preserve vitamins because beyond 100°, there is not much left. That you would accompany with a drizzle of olive oil or nuts, Gomasio, aromatic herbs and spices. At this time you have (January 2021: Leek, broccoli, Brussels cabbage, Jerusalem artichoke, salsify, carrot, cabbage, cauliflower, fennel, endives, celery, pumpkin, parsnip) What more to enjoy!


Whole or semi-whole grains or small spelt, or quinoa, or corn for example. 2 tablespoons or 1 slice of bread And here you have a perfectly balanced breakfast that meets all the needs of your body.

Regarding the drink, we drink water especially before the meal. We avoid drinking too much during the meal it weighs down digestion in particular.

What’s missing the dessert??

Dessert with us naturo is not a must but if you really can not do without it after everything you just ate then we opt for:

  • One has no added sugar

  • A fruit COOKED no raw fruit at the end of the meal to avoid bloating, fermentations, fatigue post prandial.

  • Vegetable yoghurt not cow’s milk yoghurt

I repeat the dessert is not mandatory and you are not obliged if you do not feel the need to put the cereals either. Sometimes between salad, protein and cooked vegetables we have plenty. But for people who have a physical job a little more grain is better. For sedentary people, there may be less need! Listen to me!

For those who eat out:

We can make a bowl with the codes above. Or A salad composed more substantial by adding some cooked vegetables, protein and a cereal for example. or a brown rice with shrimp or tofu, and leeks for example and beside a small side salad or a quinoa, lentils salad spices and herbs

When you are in the company restaurant or in the restaurant there is always a possible starter salad or at worst currently a vegetable soup. As a dish, we forget fries, potatoes and we take vegetables cooked with poultry or white meat or an omelette salad.

And dessert is not mandatory we save money! Well, I’m writing, but all of a sudden it’s ringing ... unfortunately at the moment restaurants .... These tips will be for their re-opening that I hope soon! Or take away because yes you can help them like that too! Oh yes for those who recognize themselves: no the fried bib, chocolate cake is not good for health every lunch!

Well with all that, it’s sure you will be able to spend a great afternoon, without bloating, unnecessary fermentations, digestion fatigue and energy until dinner.

By the way, dinner will be discussed soon. Follow the thread, subscribe to my articles, the article will be released next week.

In the meantime, here is the article for Naturo breakfasts:

Bon appétit !

Look after yourself

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