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What is this ?

Naturopathy is recognized by the World Health Organization. Here is the definition she gives: "Naturopathy is a set of treatment methods aimed at strengthening the body's defenses by means considered natural and organic"


Naturopathy is therefore complementary to symptomatic allopathic medicine.

Naturopathy does not replace allopathic medicine, on the contrary, each in its place.

And the two can complement each other and work together. The naturopath does not make diagnoses only your doctor is authorized to do so.


In summary, naturopathy is the art of staying healthy, using your vital force to be and stay at your maximum physical and mental well-being, by being an actor in your vitality.

The Naturopath uses different techniques to ensure that everyone is in perfect shape, namely:


  • food : healthy and natural or guided by a hypotoxic diet, mono diets, young people or other diets depending on the original cause of the disorders, seasonal cures, health nutrition.

  • Physical exercises : running, walking, bicycles, dance, combat sport, collective, Yoga, Swimming each person can find a sport that suits him according to his typology

  • Balance psychology, management of emotions and stress : Meditation, Breathing exercises, art techniques, creative techniques, management of the relationship to oneself and to others, brief psychotherapy...

  • Biotherapies : Aromatherapy, Phytotherapy, Oligotherapy, gemmotherapy, nutritherapy…

  • Hydrotherapy : water technique: hot water bottle, sitz bath, Scottish shower, etc., etc.

  • Technique by non-therapeutic manual massages : massage with essential oils, wellness massages

  • Technique by reflexes : redirection to an osteopath, chiropractors, podiatrist, foot reflexology, auricular, Knap pressure point…

  • Technique by fluids : Lahochi, magnetism, energy healing...

  • Vibration technique : Use of colors, sunlight, use of music (432 /741/ 639 hertz)...

  • Respiratory techniques : Ventral breathing technique, relaxation, cardiac coherence..


Who is naturopathy for?

Naturopathy and its techniques are intended for all human beings from birth.

In detail :

  • For babies : Constipation, difficulty falling asleep and complicated sleep, skin problems (eczema, dry skin, etc.), teething pain, diaper rash, colds, winter infections and immunity, etc.

  • For children :  Agitation, learning difficulties, concentration disorders, school stress, stomach aches, sleep disorders, overweight, skin problems (eczema, dry skin, etc.), colds, winter infections and immunity, etc.

  • For teenagers:Acne, memory and/or concentration disorders, anxiety, school stress, sleep disorders, fatigue, overweight, malaise, colds, winter infections, and immunity, etc.

  • For adults: Balance, energy and well-being, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, chronic stress, lack of enthusiasm, fatigue, burn-out, diet, cholesterol, colds, winter infections and immunity, back problems, osteoarthritis, arthritis etc. .

  • For seniors : Andropause, menopause (hot flashes, weight gain, etc.), fatigue, memory and/or concentration disorders, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, osteoarthritis, colds, winter infections and immunity, etc.

  •  For women : Cycle disorders (painful, heavy periods, premenstrual syndrome, etc.), keeping your figure, regaining your healthy weight, preparing for pregnancy, caring for your skin, etc.

  • For pregnant, lactating women : Digestive disorders, constipation, hemorrhoids, stress, complicated emotional states, weight management, breastfeeding, postpartum depression, etc.

  • For students :Stress, overwork, fatigue, support during exam periods, optimization of intellectual performance, memory and/or concentration problems, diet, etc.

  •  Support for serious pathologies –In addition to medical care and the agreement of your referring doctor : Organ support, general revitalization of the body, recovery aid, psycho-emotional support, aid in the elimination of toxemia linked to treatments, stress, sleep disorders, relaxation , relaxation


How does a Naturopathy session take place?

A first visit with a naturopath lasts approximately 1h30. It aims to make a complete point on the state of vitality of the person. Starting from the reason for making an appointment, to provide the person with a vitality report. The purpose of this is to give the client all the natural keys he needs so that his vitality is at its maximum. In detail, here is how it works:

  • Reception and taking contact details

  • Listen and note the reason(s) for the visit

  • Complete anamnesis: in-depth questionnaire to take stock of the person's history and these disorders and thus lead to finding the original cause of the problem(s). I also send you a link a few days before our appointment at the Bionalys laboratory to also know your bio-nutritional field. Additional help to find the cause of the cause of the cause.

  • Diagnoses in iridology performedwhen necessary(depending on time): observation of the person's eyes with an iridoscope (Iridology: Objective is to study the colored part of the eye, the iris, to appreciate the overall state of vitality of a person)

  • Presentation of the summary of the assessment carried out

  • Writing of the detailed vitality report corresponding to the person with dietary advice, tips and tricks and often plants to take especially at the beginning of the time of dietary changes.


The following sessions, if necessary, last less about 1 hour.


1st Appointment of Naturopathy: 1h30 approximately 60 €

Other Naturopathic appointments and biotherapy advice appointments

(plants, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, etc.): 45 min- 1 hour approximately €45

For information, a reservation, a payment. Go to the pageHomeand on contact.

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