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Meditation for everyone!

In this article we are going to talk about Meditation. Many of you have had tips for meditating well in your vitality assessments. So today in the first part we are going to see the benefits of meditation and the different methods for meditating well.

First of all, why should we meditate? No, meditating is not a waste of time, it is rather a mine of benefits and especially if you practice regularly, namely:

  • Meditation strengthens the immune system

  • It promotes quiet circulation

  • It promotes creativity (yes, when you make room...)

  • It provides a feeling of peace, calm, balance

  • It reduces stress

  • It helps you gain perspective and perspective

  • Meditation creates new neurological connections

  • It soothes intrusive thoughts,

  • It helps with cardiovascular diseases

  • It reduces depression, pain

  • It improves the quality of sleep

  • It strengthens well-being

  • It reduces the release of Cortisol

  • It allows you to reach states of deep relaxation

  • etc. Non-exhaustive list.

But now will you tell me how we meditate. So already, to meditate you don't necessarily have to be a Buddhist monk or lock yourself away for hours in silence and stay in uncomfortable positions. Of course these techniques exist and maybe one day you will practice them but in the meantime there are simpler things and especially when you start. Meditation is practiced sitting, lying down, standing, all positions are possible. The only rule is not to fall asleep.

So below you will find 5 techniques for meditating.

1/ Guided meditation: It's about finding a 5-minute meditation that suits you 20 min, 30 or even 1 hour but with a voice that guides you in the visualization, the feeling of the breath. This method is perfect when you're just starting out. This allows you to gradually understand this return to yourself. To make it simple, YouTube for example is full of free guided meditation videos, or the Insight timer application which is also free and offers more than 100,000 meditations.

2/ Mindfulness through breathing. Here there is more guidance, just the sound and sound of your breathing. Just focus on the air going in and out of your body. Inhale and exhale consciously, just in the present moment. Your thoughts are just on your breath and the movement of your ribcage with each breath. Nothing more, nothing less. Start with 5 minutes and try to reach 20 minutes. You can put on some soft music to accompany you

3/ Meditating while walking and barefoot is even better!!

In this technique, simply go for a walk. And quite simply to concentrate on each step, the landscape that surrounds you. Don't think about anything other than what's happening right there with every step while looking around you. Your brain empties itself of all thoughts to enjoy this meditative walk. 30 min is good!

4/ Meditate while coloring, drawing, gardening, etc.

When we create, the creative process puts us in a bubble. The outside no longer exists. Take a coloring book and have fun filling in the shapes of the colors that call to you and you will see that silence will come naturally within you. Of course, for this technique to be effective, you turn off your phone, TV, etc. and move to a quiet room. And when we garden we just enjoy removing weeds, hoeing, harvesting etc. Just be there in the present moment.

5/ Silent meditation

In this last category, there is no voice to guide, no soft music, no observation of the landscape, no movement. In the position you want, close your eyes and be silent. Silence the mind, the ego and take advantage of this moment of silence to see where it can take you. Try 5 min, 20 min and why not 1 hour every morning. The benefits are guaranteed to start your day off right!

Meditate when you want, when you can, but it's better to do 5 minutes every day than 30 minutes every 10 days. Take this time for yourself, because it will have the most impact on you but also ultimately the most positive change in your life. You can't change other people. The only person you have control over is yourself. On the other hand, from a reliable source, if you change yourself, the people around you are somewhere obliged to change too in order to continue to be at your side. Of course, there are also a plethora of other techniques, the ones presented in this article are my favorites.

I wish you wonderful moments of meditation.

Take care of yourself.

Mélanie Page

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