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In this article, I will first introduce you to the definition of self-esteem, which are the benefits of having good self-esteem. What happens or can happen when self-esteem is not good. And I would give you techniques to work your esteem and learn to love you as you are. As Christophe André wrote "Free, imperfect and happy"!

First of all, what is self-esteem,

Definition: Self-esteem is the ability to be aware of one’s strengths, values, assets with realism, to then be able to mobilize them in projects important to us. But it is also our ability to accept, to welcome our shadows, our doubts, our mistakes our flaws. To love his parts without judgment or criticism. A being is complete when he accepts his shadows as much as these lights. So it’s time to embrace your flaws, and make it a strength! Self-esteem is an intimate assessment of oneself in relation to one’s own values.

Self-esteem depends on the person’s perception of themselves, how important they feel and how unique they are. It is the basis of self-respect. Valuing oneself allows for better decision-making. This attribute of self-esteem is linked to self-confidence and allows to assert oneself. To love oneself with enough confidence to be able to define oneself, assert oneself and differentiate oneself in the face of the expectations and demands of the other.

"Self-esteem is a path of life, or rather of battle. There will be days with and days without."

Self-esteem is built from childhood, if it lacks landmarks, love, kindness or listening. The being in becoming often has a low self-esteem that it does not allow him to advance in life with confidence and serenity.

Regain and/or maintain good self-esteem.

Working on your own self-esteem can be done alone and I will give you two three exercises below.

But it may be wise to start therapy on the subject. Therapy is the place where everyone can come to restore what is incomplete or broken. The caring, respectful look of the therapist gives you the support you need to feel important and accepted as you are. Art therapy is a wonderful therapy to develop self-esteem.

Getting help from a therapist can be a good solution when your inner dialogue is negative, you do not feel worthy of being loved, when your reflection produces negative feelings to the point of hatred or when you consider others superior to yourself. In these cases, (non-exhaustive list) do not stay alone, ask for help.

"Self-esteem is therefore a path that works like a muscle. Neither too much, nor too little."

Why work on self-esteem?

This brings into his everyday life:

  1. More simplicity, lightness, joy and pleasure on the simple fact of existing.

  2. More internal stability and therefore exterior goodbye emotions in sawtooth or roller coaster.

  3. No more self-sabotage and thought forms that block

  4. A better vibration and therefore you attract to you more pleasant situations. Opportunities, projects that succeed, abundance in all areas. We attract what we vibrate. If we vibrate joy, love, trust then there will be everywhere!

  5. And of course in the end, your life will be bathed in more happiness. You will come out happier, with a much better knowledge of yourself and peace, serenity.

Now below are some exercises to increase self-esteem:

1/ All morning in front of the ice cream. Look in your eyes and pronounce with love positive sentences. It can be:

"I love myself and I accept myself as I am "

"I deserve all the happiness, all the love of the world "

"I have confidence in myself and my abilities "

"I am perfect as I am "

"I am important, I have value "

2/ Every evening write down in a notebook all your successes of the day. Yes each day you realize many good things.

3/ Take the time to undress and present yourself in front of a fully naked standing mirror. Take time to look at your body and thank you for everything you’ve been through together. Love it, it’s your vehicle down here. Learn to love each scar, spots, stretch marks etc.

4/ Ask yourself and work on your qualities. Make a list of what is good about you. If you can not ask around you, it can also help the other who will need to hear also the qualities you find him. You can also make a list of your flaws because nothing is ever totally shadow even your worst flaws have their share of light and allow you to be the beautiful person you are. Write down everything that you see beautiful in your home. And keep it for the harder days.

There is also work to do to regain one’s esteem, work on one’s history, pardons to give (when one forgives it is not for the other but for oneself. To free oneself, negative emotions engendered), injuries, traumas to be released

I wish you with all my heart to love yourself. And don’t worry, have a good self-image. It’s not called Narcissus. Loving yourself with the heart should be one of the first lessons to learn on earth.

"There is no one better than you. We are all great, perfect, imperfect, free to be who we want in our uniqueness."

Beautiful day, afternoon, evening.

Art therapist, bibliotherapist, I can help you and accompany you in this path.

The sessions can be at the Centre C Z'âmes in Cavignac or remotely by screen.

A bientôt


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