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Golden Triangle Isis

The Golden or Golden Triangle of Isis is a high vibrational frequency energy healing from ancient Egypt and early schools of healing. 

It works and brings you the following benefits: 

  • raises the vibratory rate and the level of consciousness to higher dimensions

  • aligns, purifies and consolidates the aura

  • harmonizes, balances and recharges all chakras to 100%

  • heals our feminine and restores its sacredness,

  • Reconnect to our sacred sexuality, our inner Goddess

  • Powerful for releasing and working out knots related to sexuality

  • forgives, cleanses, heals and cuts transgenerational and karmic bloodlines and trauma.

  • releases and heals our dark aspects (what we don't like about ourselves) and reconciles them to our part of light

  • opens the third eye and increases intuition

  • stimulates creativity 

  • allows you to completely connect to your sacred feminine and balance to our sacred masculine

  • Increases mental abilities always by working on the 3rd eye

  • Activate the Kundalini

It is a treatment that can be performed alone face-to-face or remotely, but can also be combined with other energy treatments such as Lahochi, for example, to go even further.


This treatment lasts between 30 and 40 minutes.

The hands are often posed with the shape of the triangle where the receiver's body needs it the most. The recipient is lying on a massage table fully clothed and just relaxing, closing his eyes and letting himself be carried away by the treatment and the music playing in the background.

At the end of the treatment, a card from Alana Fairchild's Oracle of Isis game, of which here is an extract from a message that Isis sends us:  

"I have loved you since the dawn of time, dear child of light. I pay homage to your light and I only seek to help you grow. Even in your darkest hours, I will be there by your side I will encourage you to break through the darkness and understand that the love you hold in your heart will always win. I honor your progress on the path that is mine, that of female ancestral power, of healing, love and the mysteries of life, death and rebirth. All my wishes of success, Being of light, receive all my love. What a joy to see you again in this life"

Training in the golden triangle of Isis.

You feel close to the goddess Isis, the name of the treatment speaks to your heart, you want to apply to yourself every day or when you feel the need, the benefits of the Golden Triangle of Isis treatments.

You want to move forward on your path as a woman, as a sacred feminine, but also, gentlemen, your sacred masculine.

You want to anchor yourself, to open your third eye but not only for a care done by a third person but you yourself want to embrace this path, first for yourself then if you wish for others .

As for the Lahochi, I suggest that you train in this treatment during a day or in addition to being initiated and receiving training in the treatment of the Golden Triangle of Isis, it will be as usual a day of sharing, evolution, speech. Or thanks to listening, to pendulum cards, to meditation you will receive the answers you need and we will ensure that a healing takes place. There will also be the ritual of the Ankh cross to bring into your life the miracles you wish to see happen.

So a day from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. per group of 4 people maximum where you will receive your training book, a free numerological bonus to better understand who you are and the program mentioned above. The midday meal takes place in a Spanish inn where everyone brings something they want to share. Throughout the day I will offer you tea; infusion, coffee, fruit juice and sweets. 

At the end of this training you will have a self-care to practice on you for 21 days. At the end of this period of self-care, you will be awarded a diploma and you will also become a practitioner/guardian of the care of the Golden Triangle of Isis.

Individual training is shorter, the day generally ends around 3-4pm max.

Looking forward to seeing you and sharing with you the teachings of the goddess.



Face-to-face care: 50 € 


Remote care: 33 €


Small group training: €140  or individual training €150 (Possibility of paying in installments)

For information, a reservation, a payment. Go to the pageHomeand on contact.

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