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Numerology has existed since the dawn of time, its cradle would be (conditional because there is no real proof) Pharaonic Egypt, it was for a very long time accessible only to an elite (priests, scholars, secret orders, etc.) but since the beginning of the 20th century, it has experienced a real boom, first in the United States and now across the planet.


Numerology why?To discover yourself, understand yourself, develop your potential, identify your obstacles. Harmonize and reprogram your energies. Know what you came to do in life. Identify your positive or negative karma and be able to free yourself from it if necessary.

Numerology allows you to navigate whatever happens and even sometimes against the wind when in your contract you have chosen certain difficulties. Because by being aware of your theme then you have all the cards in hand to arrive safely and sometimes understand certain situations or avoid others.

And especially to be able to put in your life, the best, the abundance and to live on your highest line.


What information must be provided?To establish your numerology balance sheet I need all of your first names, your family name, that of your father, your mother and that of your spouse as well as the date of the marriage if applicable. But also your date of birth.

From all of this information, I am able to provide you with your report, which includes between 8 and 10 pages.


How's it going ?  Everything is remote so wherever you are on our beautiful planet you can benefit from it. You contact me by this site contact page,   or by phone, or by email or by Facebook. You just have to send me your request with your information.

Once I respond to your request, to give you a date for sending your balance sheet and exchange a little if you wish, then you just have to pay the balance sheet by check, cash, weezevent, bank transfer or paypal.

Once the sum received, I put myself there.

I need about 3 to 4 hours of work on each report.

Once done, I'll send it to your inbox.

I let you read it and am at your disposal to answer all your questions by email, message or telephone interview.


What exactly will I find in my balance sheet?

You will receive 3 files.

The first (about 5/6 pages) contains:

  • Your life path : The most striking information on the theme is the path to follow throughout your life.

  • Your Life Path Essence: The sky above your path

  • Expression : Important fact is how we appear to others in our positive and negative aspects.

  • Active number:It indicates our way of acting in life, our relationships with those around us.

  • Meaning of the day of birth : important vibration, influences our evolution

  • birthday gift : a donation for people with a 2-digit date of birth

  • Quality of life : vibration that will tint adult life but not before 26 years old, behavior, way of life, gift...

  • Number of inheritance : the contribution of the ascendants our roots

  • 1st vowel : indicates a notable personality component

  • Spiritual Momentum or Number of the Soul : breath, impetus, aspiration, secret motivation, ideal concerning deep nature

  • Number intensity : informs about our capacities and our character which result from our past actions. Secret passion, strong impulse, irresistible

  • Number of lives : indicates an important motivation, component of the personality. It is also from this number that we can see if there is a karmic debt that is wandering around.

  • Corner stone : basis on which we build our universe, skills in the face of existence

  • Balance number : indicates what we need to stabilize ourselves, to mitigate external aggressions

  • Plan of expression : evaluates a person's abilities, areas and mode of expression, it reveals his personality

  • Number of the subconscious : Influence of the subconscious when faced with unforeseen or new situations or problems

  • Number of eccentricity : behavior in the face of an unpleasant or unbearable problem but not related to the unconscious; more of a habitual way of life

  • Last Stone : Indicates how we usually react on a daily basis

  • Intimate Me, Your MISSION : An important hidden desire, a dream to build, a concrete goal to achieve

  • second key : Indicates a particular goal that we will seek to achieve

  • spiritual initiation : Important examination of existence, what we will face, a vital lesson of our life

  • Achievement, strength number : You seem to be on earth for

  • Vocation : The word speaks for itself

  • Objective to be achieved Mission to be fulfilled

Then you have a part of the table which is devoted tolife challenges : These are apprenticeships that the soul imposes on itself in this life in order to evolve, to understand. There is themajor challenge, 2 minor challenges, the one on expression, the intimate self etc.

To end this first part you will find

  • your personal year. We live since our birth in a cycle of 9 years. Each of the 9 numbers has a particular influence that affects each of your years of life.

The second file (about 2 pages)

Here you will find your Peak table and your Under Cycles table.

  • Apogee:There are 4 great climaxes in a life. The first has a duration of 27 to 35 depending on your life path, the other 2 are each a duration of 9 years and the 4th runs for the rest of your life.  These are important cycles , their indications concern, and act directly on the concrete aspects of your existence. These are highlights...

  • Under cycles:There are 3 major sub-cycles in a life the first about 28 years old, the 2nd from the first until about 56 years old and the last concerns the rest of your life. Their indications relate to a more interiorized aspect of existence.


Ie 3rd file (2  to 3 pages)

You will find your table of inclusion there, it will give your karma of evolution on this life, but also allow to go even more in depth in your chart. Because each of the boxes belongs only to you and the whole is totally unique to you. Inclusion is a kind of x-ray of a person's potential. This is the balance sheet, the inventory. We find in this file what also concerns the notion of positive or negative karma. Each box will therefore be detailed.


And now you know everything about the numerology balance sheet that I am offering you. Now all you have to do is offer it to yourself (for me a few years ago it was revealing), but also to offer it to your loved ones, your friends...

It's an absolutely marvelous development tool from which we grow, but also which allows us to unlock a lot of things in our lives and to understand the why and how.

And all this for only€60.


See you soon !!


Here are 3 customer feedbacks that I got among others after reading their report:


“Here is the return after a first reading, We read it together, following, he felt relieved, this assessment revealed what he could not express. This assessment allowed him to put words to his feelings. He is delighted, and will surely link it. »  FP for the assessment made to his companion


“Thanks for the review, I just took a quick look at it but wow!! I'm going to have to study this with a clear head so that I understand a little how to translate all this!!!  It reassures me a little and I already understand things about myself!! That's crazy too,  just with numbers you manage to know all that about people??? » RL


“I have received your file and I am amazed by your work, both in terms of the volume and the time you had to spend on it, but also so much in terms of the results of your research!

In terms of my personality, it reflects exactly who I am, at least the way I analyzed myself, down to the smallest detail. » GF


Do you also want to be blown away?

For information, a reservation, a payment. Go to the pageHomeand on contact.

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