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​​"It is a powerful energy technique allowing anyone who practices it to be connected, after a specific initiation, to the universal energy of life in a very high energy vibration, even one of the highest among those that are made available to humanity today. It facilitates the return to balance of the being on all levels as well as its personal and spiritual evolution."

from the book Lahochi by Didier Combé

The energy of Lahochi acts on the 7 physical bodies, etheric (our vitality), the astral body (our emotions, our fears, anxieties, etc.), the mental body (self-sabotage, thought form, imagination ...), the body causal (also called the body of the soul and its incarnations), the Buddhist body (knowledge of everything), the Atmic body (connection to the divine)

I./ Treatment

It is therefore an energy treatment that lasts between 30 and 40 minutes. You are   invited to lie down on a massage table, fully clothed, only your glasses, watch and shoes are removed. You close your eyes, breathing well, relaxing. I start a little music and I take care of the rest. This moment is now for you.

I place my hands without massage on your body in 5 different places (head, under the neck, at the level of the shoulders, on the bones of the hips and at the level of the heart). These appositions on these positions allow to touch all your meridians, your chakras and more.

The benefits (non-exhaustive list) of Lahochi are:  

It reweaves the energy field by repairing areas damaged by a variety of influences including: 

  • Difficult birth

  • Surgery

  • Radiation

  • Dope

  • accidents

  • Past and present wounds of life

  • Shocks and trauma

  • Negative programming, self-sabotage

  • It balances the circulation of cranial fluid in the brain and balances the cerebrospinal system. (including right and left brain harmony)

  • It opens the 21 energy centers of the body or the meridians anatomy system

  • It opens and clears blockages, as well as the chakras

  • It expands the energy field

  • It activates the light body

  • It accelerates healing and spiritual gifts

  • It assists in reaching the highest states of meditation or consciousness possible for each person in the present moment.

  • It allows you to cut the ties that no longer have their place and that prevent you from moving forward, those that you carry without sometimes knowing it but block in everyday life.

  • It harmonizes in addition to the etheric, emotional and physical bodies, the astral body.

II./ Training

Do you know that if you wish, you too can access the energy of Lahochi. This energy of love is accessible to all and allows everyone to continue their elevation and enjoy the benefits of the list above.

It's not reserved for an elite, you don't need a gift. You just need to train yourself for a day, to be introduced to Lahochi care by a teacher like me and then to practice regularly to be able to do good to yourself but also to be able to do good to your loved ones and after a good year of practical to be able to offer it to as many people as possible.

The Lahochi Healing Training lasts 1  day, either it happens

  • in a maximum group of 4 people from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.,

  • either individually from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.  environ.

It's more than a training day. With me it is also a day of personal development where in addition to the training we grow on our way.

During this day it is therefore  a moment of sharing, meditation, card draws, teachings on Lahochi, initiation, receiving a treatment, giving your first treatment and more ...

You will be given a shirt including the Lahochi booklet and other surprises to go even further to meet yourself.

At the end of this day you will be able to practice a self-care on yourself but also you will know the positions to give a Lahochi care around you. To properly integrate this energy after the initiation day, you will need to practice self-care on yourself for 21 days.

At the end of these 21 days, I contact you, we take stock and I issue you your certification as a Lahochi care practitioner.

These 21 days are very important and of course, I remain reachable to answer your questions during the 21 days and even after.

Before deciding if you want to train and see what the treatment can bring you, I can only advise you to come and test it with me.

If you already know then do not hesitate and give yourself the opportunity to evolve, to heal, to reach the next stage of your spiritual evolution with the Lahochi and the training day that I propose.

The midday meal is generally shared in "Spanish inn" mode, everyone brings back what they want the other to taste.

III. Distance care and training

Yes it is absolutely possible to receive remote care even if you are thousands of miles away from me! And even training.

Take your cell phone, surf the internet, call a friend in New York  do you see the waves passing????

Energetics is a bit like that to give an image to the most Cartesian. Our antenna is the source, the whole universe! A scientist Nassim Haraneim says that the vacuum is not empty but that it is filled with protons, neutrons etc Imagine all the energy present in the universe, that a practitioner in care, by channeling this energy like an antenna can retransmit!!

So here's how exactly a remote care works:  

We make an appointment at a fixed time, at that time you lie down in a place with your hands on your hips, quiet with a little relaxation music and you let yourself go. The treatment lasts 45 minutes, just send the intention to receive and that's all I take care of the rest. We take stock in an exchange of message or by phone after the treatment to debrief on the messages received, the sensations perceived etc etc and we end up drawing a card from an oracle.

And here's how a distance learning course works:

You receive by email the Lahochi manual plus numerology and another surprise. We make an appointment at a fixed time, it takes half a day when you are alone for the initiation and without additional care.

We start with a card draw on a particular question, then we see in detail the formation, its history, the treatments etc. etc. then we end up with a draw and then we move on to the initiation. Of course this half day is only the beginning, you will have time to ask me all the questions you ask yourself in the long term I do not let go of my insiders on the contrary I follow you for life lol finally if you still want to me lol!!

After the initiation, a last draw that of your totem animal who will accompany you during the 21 days of self-care that you will have to give yourself the day after the training.

I also offer you the possibility if one day you come to see me to repeat the initiation in physics. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate, I'm here to answer them! 


Face-to-face care:  50 € 


Remote care: 33 €


Training : €140 in groups of 4 people and €150 for individual training (possibility of paying in installments)

For information, a reservation, a payment. Go to the pageHomeand on contact.

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