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Bibliotherapy has existed since the early 20th century. It is mainly present in Anglo-Saxon countries and the United States.


I will start with an excerpt from Régine Détambe, who trained me in bibliotherapy and is also a French author, notably with her books «Les livres prendre soin de nous» and more recently «Lire pour relier».

Here are his words:

“Creative bibliotherapy is a relational cultural animation mobilizing various tools (reading aloud, writing, drawings, notebooks, mediation by objects, etc.) and allowing to accompany all audiences in search of meaning, awakening or appeasement, from children to elderly subjects. It allows the use of texts to «take care».

And as Montesquieu said:

“I have never felt the pain of an hour of reading.”

Or Victor Hugo

“The light is in the book. Open the book big. Let it shine, let it do.”

Bibliotherapy is the use of books as a tool for well-being. It has long been proven that especially perfectly chosen reading is a source of relief from mental health disorders (anxiety, depression, phobias, attention or mood disorders, etc.) or reinforcement of psychological well-being.

The action of bibliotherapy is multiple it is practiced as well in individual appointment as in schools, ehpad, libraries, hospitals, prisons…

A book when we read it or a text when we hear it and then have fun with it allows us to realize that we are not alone in the face of adversity, problems, it also allows us to open up to escape. Sometimes, hearing a text, or while reading, we understand that solutions exist. The book, the text opens doors that we were not aware of until then.

“Every reading is an act of resistance. A good reading saves everything, including yourself.” Daniel Pennac

Books allow you to relax, get out of your comfort zone, increase your knowledge to open up to everything and everyone! They promote well-being. Whether it is always by reading yourself or by sitting down to listen to a beautiful text judiciously chosen.

It can even change one’s perception of oneself, of the world, of others. And this necessarily plays on self-esteem, self-confidence, the fact of feeling more peace, more harmony. Whether in a workshop or individually, bibliotherapy develops analytical skills, it energizes the imagination, creativity and of course, it enriches the means of expression.

When you listen, or when you read, letting yourself be carried away, you lower your stress, you boost your emotional intelligence, you develop your empathy. Thus, we better understand others, better accept them as they are while accepting ourselves always a little more.

For some studies would be only 15 minutes a day regularly would even be beneficial.

In the workshops or immersed in an excellent book, brings back to memories, to his madeleines of Proust, stemmed over experiences, it allows to be accompanied in his quest for truth, meaning, in the discovery of his life path. It transforms a good text, it allows the renewal of oneself. It soothes the evils of the soul.


Now it’s all about!

More than wanting to be carried away by a voice.

More than just wanting to be carried away by words.


So here is my suggestion:

Individual session: 1h30 about 60 € (during this time, we talk about you, I also read especially you if you want to savor the words. It will be short texts or sentence. And then at the end of the session or a few days later I would send you a list of books that depending on your situation will help you)

Workshops: The price is different depending on the location, the number of people and the techniques that will be used.

 It will allow you to escape with words. For this purpose during each workshop, I would read several texts following the theme of this one. Then there will be fun with the words but not necessarily written colors and creativity will invite. For the workshops that I propose me directly go to the events of my Facebook or Instagram page.

For all public institutions, associations, libraries, nursing homes, prisons, hospitals ...

Contact me!

(All my details on the Home page)

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